India has two faces when it turns towards west it roars like a paper tiger but when it turns towards east it will wag its tail mellows down and faintly meows.


Our Eastern neighbor has encroached our land in Arunachal Pradesh and is issuing separate vistas in the form of a tag for Jammu and Kashmir citizens giving it a special status unlike other parts of the country thereby saying in not so many words that this piece of land is unlike other integral part of India but our Government undermines this and tries to silence the media who prominently reported this news.


The roaring and courageous face it puts up in the west is also fake when Kargil happened we let enemy enter and occupy our land but we did not dare to cross LOC to drive them out instead we went door to door for permission to cross LOC to drive away the enemy occupying our own land and thereby sacrificing hundreds of our poor soldiers. We lost lives of our soldiers more in number than the enemy and even then we claim it has our victory both diplomatically and in militarily. We say no back talks but what have we achieved concretely we are not able to bring Dawood and even after 26/11 our Western neighbor is getting funds in billions. The gap between us and our western neighbor is narrowing and if recent reports are any truth about the failure of Pokhran nuclear test then our neighbors have even surpassed us in military power.


Wake up Politicians do some thing in concrete so that India shines.