There is a mad rush among Congress party members to exhibit austerity. High command has also asked to take 20% less payment to all congress ministers, parliamentarians and legislators. I for once never advocate less payment for our politicians. Their salary should be higher than in any Government or Corporate establishment. Their salary should be so high that it should be more than highest paid CEO in corporate establishment. I would be very glad and happy if intelligent people enter politics for the sake of good salary as an employment options rather I am tired of watching politicians building mansions, accumulating property out of meager salary some times as less as 1 Rupee.


Asking Krishna and Shashi Tharoor to move out of suites from 5 star hotels they were staying for months is a good move but the truth is that their official accommodation is under repair or renovation since many months and it would take many months more to complete it. Has any one have any idea at on what cost the repair is carried out since it has taken so much time and is yet to complete the works?


Everyday I am scared that some VIP may invade my/common man means of transport with an army of gunmen and media persons affecting thousands of commuters who travels regularly. The only solution to such gimmicks is our media should grow up, the audience have but the media still want to believe otherwise and feel that it is they who inform and educate people. Does Prannoy Roy or Barkha Dutt listening? I do not know how many talk shows/debates does this topic featured by Prannoy and Barkha as I have stopped watching news channels since their hysterical 26/11 reporting.