For once all his supporters would be feeling that had he not won the election he would have been with us. He was at his peak enjoying thumping victory in the election and his say was the final in his party. News channels are

celebrating the occasion, sorry for the wording but it is true. Ask Prannoy or Burkha? They know the truth. Whole day they are doing all kinds of circus, they are satisfied only when they make villain of some one. I have stopped watching newschannels but the few minutes I watched to know the updates it appeared to me that they were trying to make the Pilot the scapegoat. NDTV was interviewing two pilots and the pilots said that usually during extreme and unfavorable conditions it is the pilots who call the last shots. I refuse to believe this at any cost the senior officers and politicians always call the last shots even when the situation is beyond their comprehension and for the Pilots who said those words this work is bread and butter for them and we make lot of compromises to earn our bread and butter.

 Lastly I pray for the departed souls.