Yours was not, in the beginning, a criminal nature, but circumstances changed it. At the age of nine, you stole sugar. At the age of fifteen, you stole sugar. At the age of fifteen, you stole money. At twenty, you stole horses. At twenty five, you committed arson. At thirty, hardened I crime, you became an editor.


Mark Twain.



This is exactly what the present 24/7 journalism stands for. I believe 90% of the problem is because of print and news media’s creation for breaking news. The world was more peaceful when the news was restricted for one hour and when exclusive news channels were not existent.

If God is real and Judgment day is true than I sincerely pray God to forgive our journalists.


Glamour girls march topless through Manchester in aid of Brit soldiers

        I envy those people on the other hand our life in our country is so dull, without any gilt or glamour of such kind. Life is so very predictable here. I am sure if Muthalik and his co were displayed to such exotic visual treat then who knows they would be marching on streets with a stick in one hand and donation box on the other. It would have been such fun.

India has two faces when it turns towards west it roars like a paper tiger but when it turns towards east it will wag its tail mellows down and faintly meows.


Our Eastern neighbor has encroached our land in Arunachal Pradesh and is issuing separate vistas in the form of a tag for Jammu and Kashmir citizens giving it a special status unlike other parts of the country thereby saying in not so many words that this piece of land is unlike other integral part of India but our Government undermines this and tries to silence the media who prominently reported this news.


The roaring and courageous face it puts up in the west is also fake when Kargil happened we let enemy enter and occupy our land but we did not dare to cross LOC to drive them out instead we went door to door for permission to cross LOC to drive away the enemy occupying our own land and thereby sacrificing hundreds of our poor soldiers. We lost lives of our soldiers more in number than the enemy and even then we claim it has our victory both diplomatically and in militarily. We say no back talks but what have we achieved concretely we are not able to bring Dawood and even after 26/11 our Western neighbor is getting funds in billions. The gap between us and our western neighbor is narrowing and if recent reports are any truth about the failure of Pokhran nuclear test then our neighbors have even surpassed us in military power.


Wake up Politicians do some thing in concrete so that India shines.

There is a mad rush among Congress party members to exhibit austerity. High command has also asked to take 20% less payment to all congress ministers, parliamentarians and legislators. I for once never advocate less payment for our politicians. Their salary should be higher than in any Government or Corporate establishment. Their salary should be so high that it should be more than highest paid CEO in corporate establishment. I would be very glad and happy if intelligent people enter politics for the sake of good salary as an employment options rather I am tired of watching politicians building mansions, accumulating property out of meager salary some times as less as 1 Rupee.


Asking Krishna and Shashi Tharoor to move out of suites from 5 star hotels they were staying for months is a good move but the truth is that their official accommodation is under repair or renovation since many months and it would take many months more to complete it. Has any one have any idea at on what cost the repair is carried out since it has taken so much time and is yet to complete the works?


Everyday I am scared that some VIP may invade my/common man means of transport with an army of gunmen and media persons affecting thousands of commuters who travels regularly. The only solution to such gimmicks is our media should grow up, the audience have but the media still want to believe otherwise and feel that it is they who inform and educate people. Does Prannoy Roy or Barkha Dutt listening? I do not know how many talk shows/debates does this topic featured by Prannoy and Barkha as I have stopped watching news channels since their hysterical 26/11 reporting.

For once all his supporters would be feeling that had he not won the election he would have been with us. He was at his peak enjoying thumping victory in the election and his say was the final in his party. News channels are

celebrating the occasion, sorry for the wording but it is true. Ask Prannoy or Burkha? They know the truth. Whole day they are doing all kinds of circus, they are satisfied only when they make villain of some one. I have stopped watching newschannels but the few minutes I watched to know the updates it appeared to me that they were trying to make the Pilot the scapegoat. NDTV was interviewing two pilots and the pilots said that usually during extreme and unfavorable conditions it is the pilots who call the last shots. I refuse to believe this at any cost the senior officers and politicians always call the last shots even when the situation is beyond their comprehension and for the Pilots who said those words this work is bread and butter for them and we make lot of compromises to earn our bread and butter.

 Lastly I pray for the departed souls.

Pamphlet in Telugu was pasted on walls and public transport services in Hyderabad, which read as below.


XXX Homeopathic clinic, Beside softy ice cream, Bahadurpura Chaurasta, Zoo park main road. Consultation fees Rs.50/-


I pity  for softy ice cream becoming a landmark for identifying this clinic.

India’s news channels have no ethics, morals or professionalism. They resembles to me more like vultures ready to prey. They do not have distinction of good, bad and ugly. Once they find their target they tear them into pieces until the story becomes old, stale or they find new target.

Dhoni’s climb to the peak of glory ended with the gentle push by the media from the tip of the peak they had taken him. Once adored, glorified now the story had become old and the team loss in the T20 World cup proved a boon for the media and they held Dhoni has the sole responsible for the team’s loss. No surprise his hair has already started graying.

Shiny Ahuja’s decent courier came crumbling down. In the court of law he is still a suspect in the court of law but it appears that the media has already given verdict. I could not help but remember Arushi’s murder case, the trauma her parents went through and they will always be remembered as possible suspects in the eyes of public. There life is shattered for ever. How will the media compensate for damage they have done? Have they no responsibility at all?

By chance I happened to watch few minutes of NDTV interview by Prannoy Roy of retired Senior Air Force officer and a widow of Air Force officer who was herself an officer and has resigned now. The topic was about increase in MIG flights crash and officers dying due to crash. It was evident that Prannoy Roy had an opinion but when the officers did not sing his song he openly exclaimed that it is good to be loyal to the force but they should have also been forthright.

Dear Prannoy Roy,

I feel pity and sad at the same time for the downward spin of NDTV journalism quality. It is particularly sad because once you and Barkha Dutt were pioneer and were yardstick to compare others but for some reasons better known to your channel it seems that you both have fallen prey to easy way of journalism by sensationalizing news and more dangerously imposing or creating opinion on the public. I personally feel that the biggest wound inflicted by 26/11 terrorism was fall of journalism ethics by the media. Barkha Dutt in particular was animated and hysterical and tried to impose this nature on public. I particularly feel that 24/7 news channels should have more programme like Gadjet guru, food on high way etc that will be good for the general health of the society or else people will start shooting each other after watching news channels.